Hardwood floor installation

Planchers Valentino offers floor installation services in Laval, Montreal and many other neighbouring areas. Our professional and certified installers will work relentlessly to achieve your needs and expectations based on the wood specie you chose.

Whether you prefer exotic (bamboo flooring, tigerwood flooring, etc.) or domestic wood species (walnut or maple flooring, etc.), a hardwood floor will bring a warm, sophisticated and distinctive feel to any room. It is essential that your hardwood floor is properly installed to have the right impact, and most importantly, to make sure it remains a profitable investment.

At Planchers Valentino, our floor installation services match the quality of the products we sell.


Leading Montreal flooring company

We have proven our expertise time and again since the foundation of our family company in 2005. Not only do we sell and install premium quality hardwood floors, we stay up-to-date with the latest decoration and interior design trends to make sure we’re able to properly advise you in your decoration or renovation project. With our in-depth knowledge of hardwood floors and differences between various types of wood species, we can ensure the careful installation of exotic or domestic wood floors that will stand the test of time.

Trust the Planchers Valentino team for the installation of your hardwood floors in Montreal, Laval or elsewhere! Contact us for more information on our services and availability.